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Tuesday, April 1, the County Commission will be deciding whether or not they will continue providing the citizens of their county the level of care they are currently receiving in the form of the Doddridge County Ambulance Authority. “Should this vote dissolve the AA, it would be a tragic loss of forward progress that has been made towards providing a very high quality and safe emergency medical service“ said Commissioner Shirley Williams.

In the event of a shutdown, the responsibility of care would be placed squarely on the shoulders of Doddridge EMS. 

AA Executive director, Cole Crim, took over just about a month ago following the termination of Randy Flinn. Crim tells the Independent that the AA has a staff of over 30. 14 of those staff members are paramedics and EMT-Intermediates which can provide advanced life support care. Crim says he keeps an ALS provider on staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. He believes that would most certainly not be the case should Doddridge EMS be responding to emergencies as they only have two paramedics total on their staff. This would leave citizens with very basic care until the crew was able to make it to a paramedic intercept coming from either Harrison or Ritchie County.

Crim tells the Independent, “Our relationship with Commission has never been better.” “In a very short time we have been able to make huge strides of progress in bettering the organization.” “We’ve been able to drastically cut our cost of operation while keeping the same standard of care, if not better. “We’ve got a good start down the path to upgrading and improving our equipment and vehicles, and also getting employee morale out of the gutters.” “Everyone is working together and it’s really starting to pay off.” 

Crim said that he would like to have as many citizens as possible at the meeting on Tuesday to show their support for the AA. He also says he has an open door policy and is more than willing to answer any questions that you may have. He just asks that you call before stopping by to schedule an appointment with him to make sure you have time dedicated to you for your questions.


We called Commissioner Robinson for comment but he was unable to return our call before deadline.