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Because of the exemplary work that Julie Todd turns out year after year with each of her job duties and responsibilities, Doddridge County proudly nominated her for the RESA 7 Exemplary Service Personnel Award for the 2012-2013 school year.  Any county employee would be quick to point out that it would be difficult to calculate the level of her worth to our overall school system. Every board of education needs a “go to person” to assign some of the most critical job duties. Certain employees are entrusted with these types of responsibilities because they have a very high level of competence to get a job done correctly, on time and with a great attitude . . . this is Julie Todd.

Julie’s Personnel Coordinator/Executive Secretary title barely scratches the surface of her job performance contributions. Some of her job responsibilities include the proper handling of certification procedures for all employees and various training duties for new employees. This year in particular, Julie provided addition evidence of her commitment to her work by heading up the relocation, organization and day to day activities for pre-kindergarten students who moved to the Doddridge County Pre-K Center at Smithburg.  

When recently thanked for her role in making this difficult change such a success, Julie replied, “you can’t overestimate the importance of a positive first year school experience for both student and parent”. In conclusion, it is with great pride to announce that such a loyal employee and such an outstanding person has received such well deserved recognition.


Julie received her RESA 7 Exemplary Service Personnel Award on Wednesday, June 26th at Muriale’s Restaurant in Fairmont West Virginia. Representatives from all twelve counties that make up RESA 7 were present, as well as State Superintendent of Schools Dr. James B. Phares.