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Meet Dave Snively, he has been assigned by the WVU Extension Services as another Extension Agent for Doddridge County.  Currently residing in the Morgantown area with his wife and two daughters.  Their plans are to stay in Morgantown until his youngest daughter graduates as she will be a senior this year. During this transition period Mr. Snively noted that they plan on building a home in Pleasants County on their family land.  Mr. Snively’s oldest daughter is a recent graduate from WVU.

We want to make it clear that Mr. Snively is not replacing Mrs. Zona Hutson as Extension Agent, he will be developing his own areas in the Extension Service and working with Mrs. Hutson on various projects.  Starting up, his plans are to develop a plan based on the needs and interests of the community.  Right away he feels there is a direct need for community development with a highlight on Agricultural Services and Natural Resources.

Mr. Snively sees an interest in various programs in the community like the Mountain State Natural Beef CoOp, the Farmers Market and several other opportunities to raise and sell produce and livestocks.  

As well he is very impressed by the schools here and stated that “it shows a real commitment from the county to good education.”  Growing up in St. Mary’s he chuckled about the healthy sports rivalry between them and Doddridge County and how it continues today.  He noted that his family still lives in lives in Pleasants County and the only two in his family to ever leave the county would be his eighty seven year old aunt who now lives in West Palm Beach, Florida and himself.  His wife’s family is also from Pleasants County.

He also noted that he has been active in 4-H Summer Camps since he was ten years old and only recalls missing two years.  But he noted that he has more than made up for those two years by running or attending two or more weeks of 4-H Camp during his first job as an Extension Agent.    

He sent a nice compliment out that “Zona has done a fabulous job here.  Extension Service is so well integrated into the fabric of the community.”  He noted that it’s seen as a valuable player in the community and he would like to be yet another resource for the county.


Each Extension Agent brings their own set of interests and talents to the county they serve and he looks forward to working with 4-Hers and farmers alike.  If you see Mr. Snively around town, be sure to welcome him to Doddridge County!