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In a move to address safety concerns along Old Route 50 and WV Route 50, the Town of West Union is proposing annexation as a preventative measure to the increase in traffic to the area.   Several drilling companies have indicated that they will be quadrupling the amount of rigs and equipment coming through West Union and along the indicated corridors.  The town is looking at taking preventative measures when it comes to the size and weight of the vehicles.  Waterlines run all along the indicated routes and the town expressed concern over the possibility of crushing pipes.  These waterlines are older and they have shown problems in the past with heavy equipment and traffic issues.

Without the annexation, the Town of West Union cannot legally send a police officer to assist with any incidents that might arise at the three schools located along WV Route 50.  Annexation would permit an officer to respond or assist should the Sheriff’s department be tied up or need a back-up to a call at these locations.

Rumors have been generated that this is strictly for revenue generation by ticketing along the corridors indicated on the map.  Town officials have denied these rumors and are citing safety concerns as the primary reason for this move.

Postings are scheduled for the roadways this week.  The Public Hearing is scheduled for 9am, January 7, 2014 in the Commissioners Meeting Room at the Courthouse.  The public is encouraged to attend.


A Public Hearing for annexation to the corporate limits of the Town of West Union by minor boundary line adjustment will take place before the Doddridge County Commission on:   JANUARY 7, 2014 in the Commissioner’s Meeting Room in the Doddridge County Courthouse at 9:00 A.M.  The area to be annexed is the surface and rights-of-way of U.S. Route 50 consisting of all roadways:  1.) from the Doe Run Exit to the Smithburg Exit; 2.) Route 50/30 “Old Route 50” (known as Doe Run) to the four (4) lane; 3.) Route 50/30 “Old route 50” (known as Monkey Row) to the Smithburg Exit and 4.) Route 18 South from the Boundary of the Town of West Union to the caution light, as shown on the Map at Exhibit A.