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The recent special election held on December 7th was for the 2014-2019 School Levy.  The levy passed with a 74% approval margin.  This was NOT a new tax, only a continuation of a levy started in 1949.  What does that mean to our schools and the student it serves?  The school levy raises much needed revenue for important programs and services. These programs and services would not be possible with the amount of monies available through the state school funding formula. The levy provides: instructional materials, after school programs, facility maintenance, employee benefits, technology equipment and infrastructure not funded by the state.  “We can continue with some very important programs.” Superintendent Rick Coffman indicated in an interview.

“Arts and Drama, Music and Band as well as support for 4-H Programs can continue unabated.  So many programs that work within our school system depend on the financial support of taxpayers.  If these programs went away tomorrow, it would leave a huge gap in the county.” 

Mr. Coffman went on to say “Our School Levy passing with 74 percent of the vote was a very impressive show of support from the citizens of Doddridge County.”  “The levy results prove that education is still a top priority for our people and it allows us to continue some very important school programs in our county for the next 5 years.”

“Our School Levy has been continually approved since 1949 and we are very happy to see this tradition continue. The overall success of our students and school system rely heavily on money generated through this levy, so again...Thank You!”

Election results as follows: Early Voting 126 - 21, BOE 49-11, Lions Club 23-12, Smith 11-11, Buckeye 24-10, Bancs 30-26, Casscara 24-10, Oxford 16-11, McClelland 34-10, Smithburg 31-4, Big Isaac 36-6, Flint 35-9, Greenwood  55 - 26.

Totals show 504 FOR the Levy, 173 AGAINST the Levy.  the Levy officially passed with 74% of votes.  The next levy election will not be until 2019.