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Now see if you know where 

the previous light was installed?   

The West Virginia Department of Highways (WV DOH) announced that they will be installing a fully functional traffic light replacing the caution light currently in use on Route 50 and WV Route 18.


The WV DOH stated that a group of citizens in Doddridge County had express concern that the traffic at the intersection had become too heavy for safe crossing and merging.  The increase in gas and oil traffic with larger than normal vehicles as well as increased accidents and fatalities at the intersection begged for a closer look by the WV DOH.

Taken under advisement, they began the task of analyzing the intersection and measuring traffic.  In late 2012 the Traffic Engineering Division conducted a traffic signal evaluation study of the intersection.  All traffic evaluation studies must be conducted under strict federal guidelines according to the national Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD).  The Federal Highway Commission published this manual for all municipalities to conduct properly regulated traffic flow nation-wide. 

According to the letter: “The primary criteria for the installation of a traffic signal as outlined in the MUTCD is intersection traffic volume. Abiding by the MUTCD ensures that traffic signals are installed where they are truly needed and allows state departments of transportation to prioritize projects so that transportation funds can be expended where they are most needed. Additionally, the traffic study also included a review of crash history and a physical review of the intersection geometry.”

The letter goes on to explain: “Based upon a review of the collected data, it was determined that the traffic volume at the intersection of US 50 with WV 18 currently meets the warranting  criteria for the installation of a traffic signal. It appears from our recent study that the traffic volume on US 50 has increased significantly from previous surveys in 2006 and 2008. Additionally, a review of recent crash history indicates that the intersection crash rate is comparable with similar intersections statewide. While the intersection crash rate is not elevated, the study shows a pattern of angle crashes. Angle crashes are the type that tend to produce injuries

and are potentially mitigated by traffic signals. Traffic signals tend to increase the occurrence of rear end crashes, increase delay for mainline traffic, and increase fuel usage and vehicle emissions; therefore, the DOH typically employs traffic signals at locations where the volume is significant or where there is a pattern of angle crashes correctable by signalization.”

With that data it was concluded that “based upon an engineering evaluation of the collected data, the DOH will allocate funds and begin preparation of contract plans to implement a traffic signal at the intersection of US 50 with WV 18. Based upon our current schedule, it is anticipated that the traffic signal project construction will begin in late 2013.”


The WV DOH would like to ask you to watch for the crews beginning work at the intersection and extend every courtesy to them as they complete the task.