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CLARKSBURG W. Va. - On Tuesday of last week, two members of the West Union American Legion

Post 25 made the trip to the West Virginia Nursing Facility in Clarksburg. They braved the weather to

pay a special visit to a very special veteran, William McQuaid. What was the reason for their visit?

They came to honor McQuaid for his 72 years as a member of their American Legion Post.

Adjutant Terry Grim and Commander Richard Cross brought with them two beautifully framed

certificates commemorating this occasion. “We’re pretty proud of this man here,” Commander Cross

said. Speaking to McQuaid, Cross said that “We’re proud to have you as one of our members. We

appreciate you and all of the time you’ve been a member of the American Legion.” Cross and Grim presented McQuaid with a signed

card from Legion Members, A commemorative coin minted by the United States Army as well as the

two certificates. Th ese certificates commemorated his 70th and 71st year as a member of the Legion. Adjutant Grim noted that the group had missed a

year, so that was the reason for the two certificates at one time.

“It’s a special recognition as far as I’m concerned,” Cross stated. “I don’t think anybody has been

around that long in the American Legion.” McQuaid joined the service in 1943 when he entered the 20th Armor Division basic training. After two

month, he joined up with the Air Cadets in the United States Air Force. Unfortunately, McQuaid

became disabled and was discharged. Upon his discharge, McQuaid joined the American Legion and has been a member since.

McQuaid noted that it’s the veterans that help him and his friends that deserve the credit. “I’m just sitting back taking what you do for me.” Cross said that McQuaid deserves the honors as “he is the one who has served so long in this

organization. We’re proud to have you as one of our members.” Rex Zickefoose came with Cross and Grim

to note the occasion to honor McQuaid. “I hope we bring some awareness of people who may be behind the scenes.” After leaving the military, McQuaid ran

a bowling alley in Salem, WV for three years and went on to open an insurance company there as well.

McQuaid said that “If it wasn’t for organizations like the American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars, some folks

may not even know how to spell ‘veteran.”

Zickefoose commented that although it’s

important to recognize those young folks

serving now, it’s equally important to

remember those who have already served

their country.

Th e take away from this event was that we

should remember all who serve this great


Cross noted that “It’s important to

recognize these veterans, which is what

we did here today. We need to thank them